Please note that Rabbi Appel is not taking on life cycle events at this time.

A Jewish wedding should be joyful, meaningful, and should reflect the couple and their relationship. Rabbi Appel meets with couples here in Toronto (or via videoconference if necessary) several times before your wedding to get to know you, to facilitate your discussing your relationship and your values together, and to help you design a Jewish wedding ceremony that you are excited about.

Rabbi Julia was an amazing support before, during and even after our wedding. We met with her to help prepare us for the wedding, but instead she ended up preparing us in building and sharing our life together. What was so unique about her approach as a Rabbi was how open she was to us creating the personal touches we wanted in our ceremony while staying true to the source. Nothing was done rote because there was so much intentionality to her approach. We were able to co-create such a meaningful ceremony, that we will never forget and could not have dreamed up without her wisdom, guidance, creativity and expertise. We were so happy we chose her as our Rabbi and we got so many compliments from our guests as well. –Myrite R

Drawing from traditional wedding rituals and contemporary innovations, especially regarding gender egalitarianism, Rabbi Appel guides you through the Jewish wedding process. She officiates at Toronto weddings both in synagogues and in other venues. Rabbi Appel also loves guiding women in creating their personalized pre-wedding mikveh experience, at a community mikveh or a natural body of water. She happily works with Jewish same-sex couples. Rabbi Appel is also available to perform weddings in Montreal and is a registered wedding officiant with both the Province of Quebec and the Province of Ontario.

I wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job at my wedding. We were all so impressed with you! I loved the unique touch you added, how you personalized it for us, your singing, your guidance and your warmth. The flow was seamless. It was an honour to have you marry us. I would definitely recommend you, and so would all of my family.    –Shana G

Want to know more about Jewish weddings? Here are some places to start:
The New Jewish Wedding by Anita Diamant
Meeting At The Well: A Jewish Spiritual Guide to Being Engaged by Rabbi Dan Judson and Nancy Weiner
The Creative Jewish Wedding Book by Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer and Sue Levy Elwell
The Jewish Wedding at

Photograph by Victoria de Martigny Rabbi Appel would be honoured to be your Jewish wedding officiant in Toronto.

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